From Goals to Growth, and Seeing becomes Creating

Photographer: Raquel in Guanacaste for    Flytographer   .

Photographer: Raquel in Guanacaste for Flytographer.

Personal Development Coach | Engagement and Culture Specialist

I offer personal development coaching and tools to motivate and encourage individuals to reach their goals. For organizations, I develop strategies and tactics for organizations to increase engagement and create high-performance workplace cultures


About Nichole

Courageous, warm, honest, fun, energetic, and an inspiration to others are a few words and phrases used to describe Nichole Wesson. Learn more about Nichole, her experience and her true passion.

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When you need to gather information, the basic technique is to use the five Ws and an H. It is also the basis of personal development, engagement and culture services and products from Nichole Wesson.

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Everything Nichole does follows a DoByWhy philosophy. Programs, services, and products including her video series for  adult learners, the only way to make it possible is DoByWhy.

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Testimonials & Kind Words

“Nichole Wesson brings knowledge, compassion, insight and wisdom to coaching. She is devoted to helping individuals find the passion that has been missing in their lives. An astute listener, she brings the tools and the experience necessary to help you learn and grow to the best you possible. She has an amazing ability to guide not only in the short term but more importantly, for the longer term plan. Caring, thoughtful and tough when needed, Nichole will help you find (or rediscover) the joy in your life. Thanks to Nichole, I’m well on my way to fulfilling my dreams and beyond.”
— Susan Harris, VP of Operations
“Having worked with Nichole Wesson for 6 years, I can sincerely say she is second to none. Nichole has a flair for ideas, creative thinking and finding the positive in everything. She is well organized, committed and everyone is drawn to be near her. The warmth and knowledge Nichole brings to problem solving, advertising, and marketing makes her a joy to work with.”
— Kara Douglas, Manager, Marketing & Communications
“I have had the pleasure of working with Nichole Wesson as a contractor at Lexxon Training, and she is an exceptional HR professional and trainer. She demonstrates a high degree of integrity, challenge and drive in whatever she does, and has a fantastic and engaging personality. I highly recommend her skills and abilities and would not hesistate to work with her again!”
— Lynn Cook, Consultant of Learning and Development
“I have to say your engaging manner, your humour, and your BIG personality appealed to the whole room. The content you delivered ... was so well-received that even our Senior Manager signed up immediately for your next workshop.

In the Financial Services Industry, some of our presentation topics can get a little ‘dry.’ You brought a breath of fresh air to our quarterly meeting, and at the same time you shared information that can make everyone of us appear more polished and professional to our clients and colleagues.”
— Kathryn Ritter, Sales Manager