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Everything Nichole does follows a DoByWhy philosophy.

DoByWhy is a fundamental approach to meeting and exceeding goals. Unlike traditional SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely), DoByWhy is simpler. The approach removes many of the hurdles most people find associated with the SMART goals approach. DoByWhy gets to the heart of goals. Plus, it lays the groundwork for increasing personal development in individuals and offers a laser-focused approach to engagement and culture for organizations.

The DoByWhy approach 1) expands an individual’s vision, 2) with goals that are desirable and achievable, 3) that embraces the individual’s personal and unique passion, 4) making it possible for living a life of purpose and unlimited possibilities, 5) that becomes an inspiration and encouragement to others.

Current DoByWhy Projects & Programs:

  1. DoByWhy for Adult Learners - Video Series

  2. “Brainstorm Your Vision” - Personal Development Course