"Let me speak to a supervisor, please!"

Have you ever uttered this phrase during some type of customer service engagement?

I'm sure you had a great reason. I know I did...EVERYTIME I've asked to be transferred. The reason is simple:

Customer service is not what it used to be.

One of the training solutions I recommend most often to business clients is a one-day workshop on customer service. Why? Customer service is the most necessary and needed training for every business with customers.

Businesses miss the mark in customer service when:

  • their employees don't understand the business (yes, it happens),
  • reps follow scripts to the letter and don't know how to improvise based on the customers unique situation,
  • reps don't listen to understand the customer's needs (this is a big one),
  • reps don't listen (duh!),
  • reps try hard to appease customers when customers are looking for a solution, and
  • reps assume a relationship with the customer without first building trust.

A templated customer service training does not work. Customer service training that will truly effect change in your customer retention numbers needs to be tailored to your business. And, training needs to occur quarterly along with establishing metrics to measure efficiencies. In simpler terms, don't send out a customer survey unless you want to know the results AND will implement change that will answer areas of low survey scores.

Don't get me wrong. Some customers are true NIGHTMARES. Ghouls and goblins outside of Halloween. But the most skilled customer service rep can be taught how to manage a difficult customer and customer confrontation. It's called conflict resolution for a reason.

The greatest ROI for customer service is when a customer says "let me speak to your supervisor, please" only to compliment the rep on a job well done.


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